Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun Monday Challenge #49 - Create your own Funk-Busting Art

"Handle With Care" collage by Lani, textures by FlyPaper.
Over at 14 Secrets the question came up, "what do you do when you find yourself in a creative funk?" and there were so many fun answers I thought I'd put a few of them down here.  Then it seemed like a good idea for an art challenge, since the ideas offered were quite evocative.  So here's the challenge.  Think about your favorite solution to the creative blahs or read about some of the ones we came up with.  Or take yourself to a gallery or art museum.  Then create a piece in response.

Have fun, enjoy your funk-busting, and as always, feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

(While researching this challenge I stumbled on this description of how the best art and writing can inspire us.  Perfect.)
"The best art and writing is almost like an assignment; it is so vibrant that you feel compelled to make something in response. Suddenly it is clear what you have to do. For a brief moment it seems wonderfully easy to live and love and create breathtaking things. ...In a sense, these are assignments -- in the same way that the ocean gives the assignment of breathing deeply, and kissing instructs us to stop thinking."  -Learning to Love You More

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