Monday, April 21, 2014

Fun Monday Challenge #47 - 5:57 Min. storytelling experiment with Paul Zak

"Anything can happen" collage by Lani textures by FlyPaper.
This fun challenge is based on Dr. Paul Zak's storytelling, cortisol and oxytocin.  In an amazingly short period of time, Zak takes us through a story which raises both cortisol and oxytocin and explains his research into how vital it is for humanity to share stories.

He tells an emotionally charged, very short, touching story and offers a simple yet remarkable case study in how our brains respond to effective storytelling. As part of his study, Dr. Zak closely monitored the neural activity of hundreds of people who viewed this touching story. What he discovered is that even a simple and short narrative can evoke powerful empathic responses associated with the specific neurochemicals, cortisol and oxytocin. He found these brain responses can translate readily into concrete action such as generous donations to charity and even monetary gifts to fellow participants.  He comes  to some very interesting conclusions about storytelling and prosocial behaviors.

Now here's the art challenge part of this post.  I have observed my own creative pursuits seem to follow a similar pattern as his observations about prosocial behavior.  If I have a spike in cortisol and then oxytocin there seems to be no difficulty at all in the creative process.  It's almost as if this neurochemistry provides oil for my creative cogs and wheels.  So why not try this little experiment, watch Paul Zak's 5:57 minute video and then work on an art piece.
Have fun, enjoy your neurochemistry, and as always, feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

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