Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun Monday Challenge #35 - Loving Kindness in Art

"Sacred Space" collage by Lani,  textures by FlyPaper.
There is some nice research on Loving-Kindness Meditation Increases Social Connectedness by Cendri A. Hutcherson, Emma M. Seppala, and James J. Gross of Stanford University.  They do a nice review of the literature on positive effects of enhancing our pro-social behaviors and our sense of connectedness with others.  Really heartening research!

So here's my idea, we can create our own Loving-Kindness art and pro-social feelings right here, right now.  Just find a wish, intention, or prayer that encourages a feeling of loving-kindness within and create a collage, still life, photograph, painting, or drawing to embody your choice.

May we all be happy.
May we all be free from suffering.
May we all dwell in peace and ease. 

And as always feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fun Monday Challenge #34 - What is your creative manifesto

"Manifesto" collage by Lani,  textures by FlyPaper.
OK, this one is a lot of fun and pretty easy, at least I thought so!  The idea came from Uppercase Magazine for the Creative and Curious.  In it was a spread on creating our "creative manifesto."

They say "By definition, a manifesto is a 'public declaration of intention, opinions, objectives, or motives,' so once you've commited your manifesto to paper, share it!"  I say create an art piece which expresses your creative manifesto and as always feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fun Monday Challenge #33 - Create a Relaxation Recipe

"Family and Books" collage by Lani,  textures by FlyPaper.
I'm playing with my junk journal/recipe book idea (see previous post) and I've decide my recipe book will  contain Recipes for Relaxation. 

I was looking at the apartment therapy blog and found one post on creating a quiet space.  They suggest that we identify a quiet corner of a room or even just a couch.  Perhaps a spot facing a window.  Just a quiet place to breathe and slow down.  They suggest we clear out distractions from this corner.  Eliminate "stuff" from our view (I'm thinking maybe this is why zen monks face a wall to meditate?)  Find a special pillow or cushion with "sumptuous textures" (love that idea - mmmm) and maybe a soft throw for our quiet corner.  They also suggest creating a bit of a barrier for our corner, like a tall plant or a screen.  They also suggest soft light, like candle light, or perhaps a fire place.  They suggest spend time in this corner when we are in a good mood, perhaps deliberately thinking of positive memories or the good things we are grateful for today.  The idea being if we become stressed we can seek out our quiet corner which we associate with good feelings.  Nice, right?

So for this Fun Monday Challenge, create a Relaxation Recipe art piece, something which might remind you of a quiet, happy space when ever you see it.  As always feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Junk Journaling Fun

Junk Journaling on a cold night in Nova Scotia
The moderators at 14 Secrets have been discussing possible Recipe Book ideas.  We were inspired by something on Teesha Moore's The Artstronauts Club website.  She had this idea for a friends and/or  family holiday art exchange, where everyone has a recycled bag journal or junk journal and everyone makes recipe cards for all the group members to put in their journal.  Like handing out Valentines or an ATC swap but you create a journal to keep them in and there could variety with size since group members would be gluing the cards into their art/junk/gluebook journal.  If you are a member of The Artstronauts Club then you have access to Teesha's Junk Journal tutorial.  I watched the tutorial and got totally caught up in the process.  So fun!

But here's the summary if you aren't a member.  First, Teesha took Mary Ann Moss's "Remains of the Day" eCourse, and adapted it.  Basically she wanted her journal to lie flatter than the Remains of the Day journal.  She went through a variety of journals in her video, going from machine sewed with cloth covers, to hand sewn with no covers.  I liked the hand sewing part, because if I can, I avoid my sewing machine as much as possible.  I decided that I would like a cover, so I created cover with an Esopus Magazine (great quality paper, images, etc.) and gaffers tape (hockey tape up here).

Tape the outside and inside with cloth gaffers tape, creating spine.

I collected up a bunch of papers, and insides of old books and magazines, and created one fat signature.  Maybe 20 sheets.

Then I marked where I wanted to poke holes in the spine, about an inch apart but then when it came down to it the easiest way to do it was to poke the holes and stitch as I went along.  I'd poke through all the paper and spine with  my awl, and then put the needle through that bunch of holes.  I used heavy waxed craft thread, maybe it was hemp.  In the end I had created 18 holes.

A while back I had taken a Junquey Journal eCourse from Mystele (very, very inspiring) in which I learned about the super awesome tool that spits out doubled sided tape as easy as anything, and strong.  So no stitching needed anywhere inside your journal pages.

Although this was super easy to do, there are plenty of other easy junk/smash/glue book type journal structures which you might like even better.

Gretchen Miller has a few ideas in her download (with links to video tutorial).  And of course there's the Easy Peasy Journal from Samie Harding, aka Journal Girl