Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun Monday Challenge #19 - How do you grow your wings?

"How do you grow your wings?" collage by Lani, textures by FlyPaper.
This was from another favorite round robin from 14 Secrets Yahoo group.  We altered some children's board books picked a theme for them and sent them around.  I was looking for new ways to "grow wings" or to feel the "flow" that happens when artistically everything falls into place.   When my altered board book returned to me, it was full of artistic inspiration and advice on the growing of wings.  Perfect.

So here's your challenge, create an art piece about how you grow your wings or get into an artistic flow.  If you want to do this with others, create an art exchange or round robin, and make this the prompt or theme.

Have fun and as always feel free to share your work or play on Instagram by adding #14SecretsChallenge to your description, or by adding your photo to our Flickr pool.  See how others responded to this prompt and collect new ways to grow your wings.


basia said...

This is wonderful!

Lani Gerity said...

My pleasure Barb!

Bill said...

I had to try creating something for this one. I put it in the Flickr group. Wonderful post and fun collage!