Monday, January 28, 2013

More creativity jumpstarts best done in collaboration

"Believe" Collage by Lani and textures from FlyPaper
Here are some more interesting jumpstart ideas which I have adapted from BIG Kids Magazine Vol. 3 which work particularly well if you can collaborate with a child or two:

1. Create some Grid Games.  Get some card stock, ruler, and pencil and create lines across and down.  Number your squares.  Fill up each square with a drawing or a directive (lose turn, jump ahead two spaces, etc.)  Think of it as creating your own "Snakes and Ladders" game.  You need game pieces and a dice or spinner to play.

2. Create your own paper dolls with clothes and accessories.  (There is a Zine here with directions and inspiration)

3. Create worlds (murals) on big pieces of brown paper,  so your paper dolls can have adventures.

4. Pose paper dolls in their "worlds" and take pictures.

5. Here's a funny dress-up game, open someone else's clothes drawer and take 3 items, go to the kitchen and take one item.  Now create a costume with your 4 items and take a picture.

6. Take a camera for a walk, find faces in buildings (like windows might look like eyes if you crop your picture carefully) and other unusual places.  Take a picture.

7. Turn your back yard into a big game board!

8. Dear Hope Street. Google a street view of a Hope Street home somewhere in the world (you could pick a different name, like Dream Street, or Joy Street) and create a postcard for the resident of that home.  See if you get an answer.  (You can read about kids who did this here.)

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