Friday, January 25, 2013

Jumpstart creativity

"Creative and Curious" Collage by Lani and textures from FlyPaper
Here are 10 best methods to jumpstart creativity adapted from Javiera Aldunate in Uppercase 12.

1. Go for a walk and collect little stuff that gets your attention. (If the weather is bad, try it in your house or at your place of work) Take a photo, draw, create a story...
2. Lie on the grass and see figures in the clouds.
3. Ask a child if you can collaborate on some work together.  You and the child can start separate pieces and then switch.  Want some inspiration on this one?  Check out BIG Kids Magazine; Bravery Imagination Generosity; Side By Side: Children & Artists
4. Take a break from what ever you are doing and call a friend and talk about the meaning of life.
5. Enjoy a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate near a fireplace.
6. Listen to music really loud, or listen to the sounds of nothing really soft.
7. Get in a traffic jam.  Imagine the lives of folks in the cars around you.
8. Go to sleep with a notebook beside your pillow.  Dreams are an amazing source for jumpstarting creativity.
9.  Design some un-useful stuff for yourself.
10. Create a "10 best" list of your very own.

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Bill said...

Okay. I'll try the wine and fireplace.