Sunday, November 25, 2012


Imagine a world full of love. (Imagine such a thing and come visit the post over on my blog.)

"Imagine" collage by Lani (with help from FlyPaper)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Subversive Book Alert

Collage by Lani (with help from FlyPaper)

Watch out, there's a new, highly subversive book out there.  And if you want to be a happy artist this may be your best investment this year!  It's all about creating more joy, freedom, and love, right here, right now!  I just wish this book was around for our ancestors, seriously!

While in college I worked as an au pair/domestic support person at  an orphan's home.  I loved how the kids seemed to feel so proud and happy with themselves when they were working creatively.  Later, while working as an art therapist in NYC, I loved how people were using the creative process to pull themselves out of some rather negative life situations.  One woman I worked with explained it this way, that in the art room she discovered that she could love who she was, that there was something in the creative process that allowed her  to love herself more, love others more, and be less dependent in her relationships.  There was more freedom, confidence, and joy.  Because of that, she was more capable of doing things for herself, which increased her sense of self worth.  What if I'd had a book back then, chock full of ideas, tasks, questions, and art adventures?  This would have been great not just with the folks I worked with, but also with my own adventures in creating a happy artist life.  Okay, you want to know what the book is (and maybe why I call it subversive)?

Christine Arylo's newest book "Madly in love with me; The daring adventure of becoming your own best friend" is truly a great idea, a sort of "Self-Love Handbook" full of wisdom, reassurance, and of course love.  Oh, and there are these amazing interactive links that you can follow to create a richer experience.  (It's in paperback, so the price is fine, and the kindle version has an even nicer price!)

If you want a peek at what it's all about there's lots of ways to peek!  No risk at all!  First of all, there's the You Tube Self Love Station, full of sweet and inspiring videos.  (My favorite so far is Self love book with Kris Carlson, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.)  There's the facebook page  MadlyInLoveWithMe, and a Madly In Love With Me website which has freebies, a chapter, meditations, coaching, retreats and workshops.

"Take a stand and make sure that, from this day forward, your relationship with yourself is as important as every other relationship in your life."  - Christine Arylo

PS - Why did I call it subversive?  Because if you can truly love yourself, you are truly free; free from the marketing messages of the media, free from negative or abusive relationships, free to live your life and be the very best you can be.  Truly free people are brave and willing to speak up about what they feel is important, without being afraid of judgement or criticism.  Isn't that delightfully subversive? 

PPS - You may see some extra subversion in future artwork on this blog, heavily influenced by "Me Art" prompts from Christine's book

Monday, November 5, 2012

If you are attending my workshop at the Summit in NYC:

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