Sunday, October 14, 2012

An Art Prompt or Challenge via Jeff and susanna!

Jeff and susanna, of Owen Sound, Ontario, sent me these delightfully layered and reflective images.  No photoshop involved, just a little point and shoot digital camera.  

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Being of a philosophical nature I studied these photos and wondered about the nature of reality and our perception of reality. I realized that for me part of the beauty of these exquisite images is that the reflections and the actual objects seem to shift in my mind's eye.  I can get a little dizzy looking at these, but a very pleasant dizziness.

Immediately I wanted to rush out with camera in hand and see where I could find this sort of layering of reality and reflections.  So here's the challenge.  Find and record (camera, drawing, painting, etc) images where reflections and reality merge.  Let us know how you make out!

PS - It's a lot harder than it looks.  Some of us at 14 Secrets are playing with this prompt and here's what we have so far:
From Barbara St Jacques taken at the Peace Pagoda this August.

From Carol Ingram Moore

 And from me:

I tried this outside, and I like the reflected color!
This one feels quite peaceful.
I also tried taking a photo of a mirror.  Interesting.
(People don't seem to realize you are taking their picture if you do this.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Workshop Alert

Workshop in NYC

Expressive Therapies Summit
Art Drama Music Poetry Psychodrama Dance and Sandplay

 Lani A. Gerity, DA, ATR
Susan Ainlay Anand, ATR-BC, ATCS

Exploring Cultural Identity & Strengthening Resilience through Story and Cloth

FRIDAY, November 9
10:00 am – 5:15 pm

In this Master Class class, we will weave experiential art-making (simple narrative cloth structures, group mural and individual pieces), with resilience narratives and an examination of cultural strengths.

What to bring for the day-long workshop! Bring your curiosity, dreams, strengths and hopes. We will start the workshop with an exploration variety of cultures’ use of fiber arts to create what is both practical and expressive. We will look at Narrative and Other quilts from the African Diaspora in North America and in India. We will look at the Hmong narrative quilts created by refugees in North America. We will look also look at prayer flags from a variety of cultures as artistic expressions of hope and strength. 

For the hands on work you might like to bring a variety of pieces of cloth that have personal meaning for you (lace, bits of clothing, ribbons, buttons, embellishments, all are welcome). If you have particular scissors, embroidery floss, needles, thimbles, etc. please bring. We’d like to do some very simple image transfer so if you have some ancestor photos that you would like to play with in this way, please bring LAZER copies.