Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Michael DeMeng workshop

Have you ever wanted to take a Michael DeMeng workshop but had a terror of ventriloquist puppets?  Or string?

For me it's not the string so much as the super creepy dolls. And I like creepy dolls but these guys with their moving parts can give me nightmares. I know that when we are at our bravest, though, good things really do happen. I'm going to trust the process. I will be brave! Too hilarious! OK, one more: So my plan is to take my two found dolls and fly to NJ and DeMeng the heck out of them. Hopefully there will be photos to follow! The workshop will be in Kecia's Lemencholy Studio.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Playing favorites

As part of my continuing participation in Seth Apter's The Pulse (an ongoing discussion of 130 artists about multi-media art), my work is featured in today's ongoing chapter, Playing Favorites.  Participating artists were asked to share a favorite piece of their work and explain why its a favorite. Take a look at Seth's blog, The Altered Page, and be inspired by all the art and stories there!

I am so grateful to Seth for his blog and inspiration for all of us!