Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Gluebooking" adventure continues...

Morning pages with  help from FlyPaper Textures 
 Big excitement here, Gretchen Miller's paper stash for 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 workshop Creative Goodness with Gluebooks  arrived and I also got two politically correct coloring books as a gift along with permission to use in my glue books!!!  Hooray!  Such fun.  So here's a little coloring book character with her to-do list (be unruly, meditate, care, and begin!)

Morning pages with  help from FlyPaper Textures 
 In this one I continued to play with Important Instructions (see earlier gluebook post) and I felt I should remember that "my beast likes pretty things" so I need to create lots of little pretties for my inner beast, keep it happy.  (This beast comes from a PM Press coloring book.)

Morning pages with  help from FlyPaper Textures 
 Here's some of Gretchen's fun stash.  I love working with new stuff or playing with new stuff, I should say.  (Big face from Zettiology)

Morning pages with  help from FlyPaper Textures 
 Here's another collage with both Gretchen's and Suzanne's stash.  Such fun.

Morning pages with  help from FlyPaper Textures 
 I was fascinated by the blue face (lower right hand corner in the above collage) from Suzanne's stash, and yet was having trouble placing it on a collage.  Somehow I wanted it in but wanted to contain the anxiety it expressed, so I let it peak through the arch at the little girl having a very happy birthday in this collage.  Very contained.  Very satisfying.

Morning pages with  help from FlyPaper Textures 
Such fun.  Loved the old stamps, elephant, scrapbooking papers, and text from Gretchen's stash.  Got to love "gluebooking"!  Thank you Gretchen!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"6 Degrees of Creativity 2" stash arrived with Very Imortant Instructions

Stash from Suzanne in Gretchen Miller's 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 workshop Creative Goodness with Gluebooks.

 This was great fun.  Swapping paper stashes must be one of the top ways to promote creativity!  So I poured through all of these papers this morning and I pulled out Very Important Instructions with Power Panels and things that must be turned one way and another in a particular order, DO NOT step outside the line, and I though, YES, this is what I want to play with.  So I started with that and added some magazine strips that I could push the ink around on, and then some black and white imagery mostly from an old Zettiology catalog.

There's something about altering Very Important Instructions with Power Panels that's so liberating!  It was such an awesome, freedom inducing feeling.  Almost like flying!  A bit like deliberately going outside the line and saying wow, I really like that!   I think that instructions tend to make me a little anxious, I'm always afraid I'll miss a crucial step.  And these instructions looked SO important that I really had to face that anxious feeling.  It makes me want to look for other instructions to see what I can do with them.

Anyway, thank you so very much Suzanne and Gretchen!  What a pleasure.  I can't wait to see what other art unfolds and what I might learn from it.

Morning pages using "Important Instructions" from new stash!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Gluebook fun and inspiration!

Morning Pages Collage by Lani

I have been busy with my gluebook inspiration from Gretchen Miller over at 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 workshop.  Her workshop Creative Goodness with Gluebooks  awesomely fun with everyone  making gluebooks and sharing photos, one particularly fun thing is paper stash swap. At a future date we will also have a gluebook page exchange with our fellow workshop participants.   Gretchen has quite a lot of inspiration right on her blog, in case you aren't involved in 6 Degrees of Creativity.  Just look through all the posts on art journaling!

So I thought why not post some of my morning pages here and share a little about the techniques involved. 
Morning pages by Lani

Some of the things I collect and use in my morning pages are:
1. Varieties of washi tape, and thanks to a washi tape exchange right here at 14 Secrets, I've started making my own.  (This page has washi tape on the spine while the collage on top has it as a ground line.)
2. Old labels that I can fill  in with what ever from the day.
3.  Interesting focal images.  (Images of hands holding things always gives me a feeling of enoughness and generosity.)   I also tend to photocopy and print out elements from my old collages so the same characters may end up in many collages.
4.  Cardstock for tabs (I like to create these out of old ticket stubs or packaging).
5.  Backgrounds are from paper stashes of antique books with great script, old magazines, and scrapbooking papers, they all make great fodder.
6.  My favorite glues are UHU glue stick and Scotch Advanced Tape Glider.  The "glider" is really a two sided tape which works really well on heavier papers, card stocks, feathers, and even waxed papers.
7.  I also like to add a word or two, from my stash of letters and words out of old books, magazines, etc. 
8.  To give a collage a more unified and sometimes painterly look, I use a bit of Citrisolv on a baby wipe and push the ink from the magazines around a bit.  Then I'll finish it off with some Tim Holtz distressed inks (great stuff).  I've also played with some do-it-yourself distressed inks, using ink and glycerin.

Collage by Lani with obvious inspiration from Teesha Moore

Here's a peek at my paper stash getting packaged up for the paper stash swap on 6 Degrees of Creativity 2.

Hope you can use some of these ideas, add to them, and pass them on!  The best ideas are the ones that are shared!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do you ever say "I wish I'd known about this before"?

Here's a Tim Holtz demo I wish I'd seen before I finished my Washi Tapes for an exchange at 14 Secrets.  Oh well, there will be more exchanges...