Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For those wanting to join the permissions swap...

Permission ATC by Lani

We've extended the the Permission ATC's  swap over at 14 Secrets it is awesome fun giving ourselves and others Permission! 

Send them to me by mid-May.  We are creating a permission ATC's Zine with all the contributions and we'll be swapping them up as well, so you will get as many as you give and you will also get a Zine with many more! 

 Want to play?  Contact me at lanipuppetmaker at mac dot com and I'll give you my address and further details.

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Permission to join in!  Permission to Dare!  Permission be be free!  Permission to be brave!
Permission to say NO!  Permission to say YES!  Permission to be creative!  Permission to love more!
Permission to breathe!  Permission to be me, any where, any time!  Permission to laugh with joy!  Permission to cry when sad!  Permission to dance in the grocery aisle!  Permission to sing out loud!
Permission to do the right thing!

Want more inspiration?  Here's Gretchen Miller's blog post on creating Permission ATC's!


Unknown said...

Excited to be a part of this swap! Thank you for extending the deadline-- Will be mailing mine soon!

Carmen said...

What do you need from me? I would love to part take

Lani Gerity said...

Why sure, Carmen! Email me for address. I'm @ lanipuppetmaker at mac dot com.