Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free Zine of Encouragement!

Here is a free zine for you!  I need to test my new e-junkie service. (It's all supposed to be automatically downloadable. They send you a link and you click and download.) So here's a free zine for you to try out the system. Only the first 100 (lol) will be able to download this.  Let me know how it works. The zine is an updated version you can find on Artella, but it's still free!

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And of course there are plenty more zines here!


roserobin said...

Download seems to work fine. Thank you for the wabi sabi inspiration. lovely inspiring blog as well.

merkusje said...

Worked fine for me too, many thanks Lani

lizzie said...

hi Lani, fantastic Zine of Encouragement:)
download works fine!

thank you x