Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puppet wisdom!

Collage by Lani

Want some more puppet wisdom?  (This is one of the things I love most about puppets and puppet making workshops.  There's always a big chunk of life lessons there to absorb.)  One group of sixth grader’s puppets (who were wonderful, scary, smart, regal, artistic, and very famous) taught me about the importance of learning to make your own stuff.  These puppets felt that humans get into trouble from wanting other people’s stuff too much.  They felt that if humans learned to make stuff more often like their sixth grade puppet makers, they would get into trouble a lot less often.  If you make your own stuff, you will always feel satisfied.  If you are satisfied you won’t want other people’s stuff.  These same puppets taught me that being successful at something, especially if it involves team work, will also help you feel pretty good.  If you feel pretty good, you usually don’t get into much trouble.  (These puppets seemed quite concerned about getting in trouble.)


aka suska said...

First, the image delights me! I just want to sit and be with it for a very long time on this sunny, snowy day.

Second, what an honour to hear from children such sacred teachings. Thank you so much for sharing these learnings. I will treasure them in my heart ... AND I promise to make more puppets! with or without children or other people.

Inner Artist said...

That is so gorgeous! The sublime wisdom of children. Thanks for sharing, Lani.