Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do You Know the Scribble Project?

A very sweet scribble from Amanda Baeza on the Scribble Diary website.

There's a very cool idea out there, and it seems it's been around for a few years.  (Call me slow.)  Seven years ago, Lisa Currie started the Scribble Diary website as a small project to capture the works of some of her favorite illustrators. Curious about how others would respond to a particular artistic prompt, Currie posted the Scribble Diary which with 4,000 hits a day, continues to grow as people post their own wacky, hilarious, out-of-this world creations.  Come take a look at some of the "scribbles" and then try your own hand at her template:
A very cool aspect of this website is that Lisa Currie is turning it into a book (THE SCRIBBLE DIARY: My Brain Right Now - due out this spring).  She feels it would be most useful to artists, art therapists, teachers, etc.  Me, I say it looks like fun. 

Lisa also has a very cool facebook page where she posts new and interesting stuff from the Scribbler Diary Website and from her blog.  Did I mention Lisa's blog?  No?  And all the awesome ideas you can find there, like a no-frills download thank you note or a doodling zine to fill up with good vibes to send to a friend and so much more!  Do take a look!

Now to go do some scribbling!


lisa currie said...

Thanks for sharing The Scribble Project with your readers! Hopefully I get some lovely handiwork in my inbox soon! xx

Lani Gerity said...