Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Permission to Dare

Permission ATC by Lani
Here is some more information on the Permission ATC's.  Over at 14 Secrets we are working on Permission ATC's.   We realized there are things we'd love permission for, lots of things we are longing to do, be, or create!  Sometimes it would be great to have a whole little box full of permissions, so that you could chose your permission of the day, just the perfect one to match your need.  What if we creating "permission art" for each other? Wouldn't that feel very freeing, generous, and kind? Wouldn't it light up the happy chemical producing part of our brains? Wouldn't we be delighted to create these permissions, to send them out into the world, and then to receive new ones in exchange?

Over at 14 Secrets we are going to work on these and send them in by mid-April.  We are going to create as many permission ATC's as we would like to receive, as many as we can think of; 2, 4,8, what ever we want (we have permission) plus one extra for our moderator. We'll mail our ATC's plus one with our self addressed stamped envelopes. (If we live outside of the US, perhaps a self addressed envelope and some paypal money would work.)   Our moderator will scan them all and send the scans to me, I'll create a pdf - Zine of our permission ATC's which could be printed out on card stock. Finally our moderator will send you back new permissions, the same # as you sent in (minus 1 for her efforts).

But why not open this up to the community at large?  Send my your permission ATC's by mid April and I'll send you new one's in return.  I'll add yours to the Zine and  send out copies of that as well.  Should be very permissive fun!  Want to play?  Contact me at lanipuppetmaker at mac dot com and I'll give you my address and further details.

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Permission to join in!  Permission to Dare!  Permission be be free!  Permission to be brave!
Permission to say NO!  Permission to say YES!  Permission to be creative!  Permission to love more!
Permission to breathe!  Permission to be me, any where, any time!  Permission to laugh with joy!  Permission to cry when sad!  Permission to dance in the grocery aisle!  Permission to sing out loud!
Permission to do the right thing!

Permission ATC by Lani

Sunday, February 26, 2012

More 6 Degrees of Creativity Goodness on its way!

Have you heard about the 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops? We are just finishing up our on-line group of workshops which have been completely wonderful!  All the ideas and techniques presented in the workshops are being beautifully played out in our lives, our art rooms, and our creative practices.  You can read about my experience here.  But the greatest news is that Gretchen Miller is starting up a new round of workshops which you can read about here!   6 Degrees of Creativity 2 will go on sale to the public April 1, 2012 with the next round of inspiring workshops and instructors being offered July 1 through December 31, 2012.

Collage by Lani, Inspiration from Gretchen Miller, texture from FlyPaper Textures.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Permission ATC Exchange

Permission Ticket by Lani

Over at 14 Secrets we are working on Permission ATC's.   Is there anything you would like permission for, anything you have been longing to do, be, or create?  Come on over and join in the ATC swap!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here's a video for a film trailer for "Inocente" on how art might save your life. This film trailer, however, might break your heart.  I think I need to see the movie! Thanks to Gretchen Miller for sharing a link to the Cleveland International Film Festival.

Here's what the Cleveland International Film Festival said:

 INOCENTE is a personal and vibrant coming of age story about a young artist's determination never to surrender to the bleakness of her surroundings. At 15, Inocente refuses to let her dream of becoming an artist be caged by being an undocumented immigrant forced to live homeless for the last nine years. Color is her personal revolution and its sweep on her canvases creates a world that looks nothing like her own dark past. INOCENTE is both a timeless story about the transformative power of art and a timely snapshot of the new face of homelessness in America: children. The challenges are staggering, but the hope in her story proves that the hand she has been dealt does not define her, her dreams do.

May we all be defined by our dreams!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspiring videos from Melody Ross

Inspiring video from Melody Ross Here's another one. I just couldn't get the image or idea of soul restoration out of my mind so I thought I better share it! Beautiful!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More puppet wisdom.

Collage by Lani, texture from Kim Klassen.
I'm working on a new puppetmaking zine, to incorporate hand puppets, sock puppets, and paper puppets.  It's a lot of fun and I keep finding very awesome wisdom that I learned from all the workshops I've done.  So here's more puppet wisdom:

A child noticed that the plans he had for his sock weren't really work out.  But he kept on working and gradually changed his plans and guess what happened?  He liked his final result even better than his hoped-for plans.  He was actually really happy with what he had made!
Now isn't that just like art?  Or at least how art can be when we step out of the way and let it flow?
Collage by Lani, texture from Kim Klassen.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Puppet wisdom!

Collage by Lani

Want some more puppet wisdom?  (This is one of the things I love most about puppets and puppet making workshops.  There's always a big chunk of life lessons there to absorb.)  One group of sixth grader’s puppets (who were wonderful, scary, smart, regal, artistic, and very famous) taught me about the importance of learning to make your own stuff.  These puppets felt that humans get into trouble from wanting other people’s stuff too much.  They felt that if humans learned to make stuff more often like their sixth grade puppet makers, they would get into trouble a lot less often.  If you make your own stuff, you will always feel satisfied.  If you are satisfied you won’t want other people’s stuff.  These same puppets taught me that being successful at something, especially if it involves team work, will also help you feel pretty good.  If you feel pretty good, you usually don’t get into much trouble.  (These puppets seemed quite concerned about getting in trouble.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do You Know the Scribble Project?

A very sweet scribble from Amanda Baeza on the Scribble Diary website.

There's a very cool idea out there, and it seems it's been around for a few years.  (Call me slow.)  Seven years ago, Lisa Currie started the Scribble Diary website as a small project to capture the works of some of her favorite illustrators. Curious about how others would respond to a particular artistic prompt, Currie posted the Scribble Diary which with 4,000 hits a day, continues to grow as people post their own wacky, hilarious, out-of-this world creations.  Come take a look at some of the "scribbles" and then try your own hand at her template:
A very cool aspect of this website is that Lisa Currie is turning it into a book (THE SCRIBBLE DIARY: My Brain Right Now - due out this spring).  She feels it would be most useful to artists, art therapists, teachers, etc.  Me, I say it looks like fun. 

Lisa also has a very cool facebook page where she posts new and interesting stuff from the Scribbler Diary Website and from her blog.  Did I mention Lisa's blog?  No?  And all the awesome ideas you can find there, like a no-frills download thank you note or a doodling zine to fill up with good vibes to send to a friend and so much more!  Do take a look!

Now to go do some scribbling!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Susan Tuttle's give-away.

Collage by Lani with help from Photoshop of course.

There's a wonderful give away on Susan Tuttle's website.  She's got a new eWorkshop coming up and it's well worth the look.  Spread the news and you might win a spot in her course!