Monday, December 19, 2011

Angelic stress busting

Collage by Lani with brand new texture from FlyPaper Textures.

Over at 14 Secrets we have a delightful Angelic exchanging going on.  Participants list what areas they would like angelic energy type assistance with and their partner sends them as much positive angelic energy, art, and ideas as possible.  My partner wished for assistance with stress at work and at school.  Well now the interesting thing here is the more I look for ideas and create little art pieces for her, the happier I get and the less stress I feel.  Pretty awesome experience.

So here's a youtube video I sent her the link for, guaranteed to bust stress just watching it, and if you remember to employ these techniques the next time you are under stress, I have no doubt what so ever that it will work.

Today I sent her this stress busting technique for school and work.  I believe that nothing beats stress like planting seeds of kindness. So I suggested perhaps leaving an annonymous thank-you card for the boss or professor.  Also leave some cookies where co-workers or classmates can find them, with a hand-made 'smile, help yourself, pay-it-forward' sign.  Place extra money in the company vending machine and tape a happy Artist Trading  Card next to it.

Want some more stress busting kindness ideas?  Visit Have any stress busting tips you would like to share here? Feel free, it's lots of fun!

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basia said...

Lani, this video is great. Thank you for posting. I am grinning as I am typing this. Oh Happy Day! : )