Sunday, November 27, 2011

Occupation Sale - 2 for 1 Creativity and Joy

Collage by Lani, texture by Kim Klassen.

Thinking about Occupying Our Art and Lives, I started wondering about the opposite of occupying something.  Being occupied by something else?  Being colonized?  I don't particularly want to be colonized by anyone or anything, not now, not ever!  What I'd like is to be completely in my life, to live and enjoy each moment, each breath, and each daub of paint!

I'm proposing a new eCourse for the new year on this topic.  Meanwhile I'm going to run the current eCourses at a 2 for one OCCUPATION SALE!!!  Sign up for one and send me a message about which other one you would like to be a part of, or what friend you would like to gift with an eCourse.  If you or a friend are interested in art prompts which help build resilience and a happy life or if you are interested in working with collage and photomanipulation, then come play with us!

You can read about the eCourses here but to get the most value, make sure to sign up on the blog (just look for the super secret savings to the right of this post).  Once you have signed up for one course, then email me with your second choice or your friend's email so I can sign them up.  Our next round of courses start January 9!  Do join us if you can!