Monday, September 5, 2011

Something wonderful is going to happen today.

This came from The Brave Girls' Club email this morning...
So do you ever have one of those magical days, that start off with a sweet little warning or reminder like this in the old in-box and gets better from there?  Well today is one of those days around here.  A book showed up on my doorstep, a very mysterious occurrence and when I began to look through the  book, I had to stop everything else.  It seemed to be a book about a person who is naturally curious about life and connections.  She loves to spend time in the library, making connections between various books.  Right away I thought this is my kind of heroine!  Then she finds a book and needs help completing it.  Very mysterious.  So I find I'm reading about a curious person who finds a book much like I found this book and of course I want to complete it.  And this entails a bit of sleuthing training on my part, going out on morning walks, collecting odd bits of information and evidence, which all goes into this wonderful found book. Hopefully soon I will be trained and will be able to finish the book.   Here are some of the adventures so far:

I found 3 naked Burmese boy dolls in an antique store.  (Did they ever have clothes?)

I found this odd sign very carefully posted upside down.  (Who did that? Was it a joke, a mistake?) 
The book came with a disguise and some instructions on what to do. (Fun!)
A little bug I found on my morning sleuthing.  (Is Halloween coming?)
 Maybe you remember the fun we had here at 14 Secrets with Wreck This Journal?   After several of us had read and wrecked our copies of Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal we made our own journals and created several round robins which you can read about right here.

 Well, I can imagine that this new book of Keri Smith's (Finish This Book) is going to be even more fun.  It is so far!  Can't wait.  Want to see more of what is inside?  Click here!


Artastics said...

And Good Morning...What a delightful posting. The wonders of life as interpreted by special people...Magical!

Lani Gerity said...

Why thanks so much! The book is fun! Highly recommended!

amy said...

you have been hiding this blog from me, i see.

and i like it.

you have a new regular blog stalker.


Amelia said...

sounds like total fun. Something I need more of right now - too much work!