Thursday, September 8, 2011

Having a little Collage and Fotoshop Fun!

Collage for Digital Whisper at Ning
 I posted this over on my blog but it's worth repeating here in case you missed it.  There are some nice links here.  It's all about Digital Whisper which is a very interesting looking Ning group.  (Thanks William Charlebois for this link!)  They have a lot of inspiration, challenges, links, support, and other good stuff.  

And for more exploration in combining photo manipulation and collage, please consider the eCourse which is starting next week.  (The discount for blog readers is over on the right hand side of this post, just scroll down a tiny bit and you will see it.)

The above piece came from this image from Moonchild which is the background for the current challenge.  (I can't wait to explore the other challenges):

Couldn't you just get lost in this spot for a few hours?  Oh, yeah, wake up Lani.  So then I added an old photo, a collage sheet face from ArtTeaLife, and a texture from PaperWhimsy. So much fun.  Thank you Bill!

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