Monday, August 22, 2011

Bill's Zine "We Collect Joy"

We Collect Joy cover by Bill.
Do you ever wish that in the depths of winter you had a bit of the joys of summer, or maybe just a bit more of what makes life so delightful?

Bill thought about that and started working on a collaborative Zine for all of us to contribute to, a zine which will be called "We Collect Joy".
So if you had as much free time as you needed, and you were able to share some joy with others, what would it be that you would share? 

Here are some ideas from the 14 Secrets folks (I can't wait to see this zine!).  If I could, I would:
"share scenes of Nature's beauty, faces of children and pictures of animals, mountain moments poetry, nature photographs of the mountains alive with color, words and art to celebrate the joy of life, as much color and light filled joy as possible, a world filled with light and rainbows, laughter, music, the ocean, being surrounded by trees, small children being free, and a walk on the Escarpment where you can experience glorious fall colour, the wide expanse of Georgian Bay and smell the forest and the humus, feel the breeze rustle their hair and know that all is well within Creation."

Isn't that wonderful?

How it's going to work is Bill will create a digital "We Collect Joy" zine for everyone in the group to have.  What will go into the zine?  Our favorite poems, photos, pieces of art that we have created that gives us joy, essays on what "joy" means to us, and/or brand new digital collages all about joy.  Bill has already created the cover for this zine (see above), and hopefully it will inspire you to want to join this digital collaboration.

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