Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kate Church's workshop in Chester! Wow!

Round one photos with more tomorrow.  Here are some samples of Kate's work.  Very delicate and expressive.  (I'm used to working lumpy and larger, so it's a challenge)

Kate Church's work.

Here's how we started, a peace of sculpey, mixed to Kate's specs and we pulled a bit for the neck, added a beakey bit for the nose and four indentations.

Then we formed the beginnings of a half moon mouth...

Then two dents for the cupid bow lips and a long dent below the bottom lip.  This is how the mouth is created.

A little pinch here and there and suddenly you have a smile emerging.  Magic.  Then you do the same with the eyes, creating little cuts in the clay.
Open these cuts a little bit and pop a glass bead in there.  Create nostrils for the nose and ears and your head will be ready for the very expensive color palette from the dollar store.  So awesome.

And here they are all lined up and ready to be popped into the oven.