Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On creating a visual spa for yourself...

If you are interested in art and brain chemistry, check out my blog.  Or you can get the short version here.  If you look at a lot of images you consider beautiful, you will be activating the reward part of your brain.  Want to test it out for yourself?  You can read about a very clever on-line way to release dopamine in your own brain, just using your computer.  Go to Gretchen Miller's post on the Pinterest website and read about our latest little addiction.  Gretchen and I have been busy "pinning" images that we like; interesting quotes, beautiful architecture, inspiring landscapes, lovely colors, interesting textures, all sorts of things that stimulate the one third of our neocortex devoted to visual activity.  (And I can tell you dopamine is involved!) A mini vacation for the eyes.  I've visited many new-to-me blogs and flickr accounts and am learning just how many of us artist folks are actually out there in the world.  If you ever felt alone in your love of art, this website will teach you that you are so very not alone.

Create a visual spa for yourself to visit at any time, and if you keep adding to your collection and looking at others' collections, then it's always fresh and new.  Lovely!  Amazing!

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