Friday, April 15, 2011

Michael Nobbs and Sustainable Creativity

Michael Nobbs' Sustainable Creativity

Here's one of Michael Nobbs drawings from his flickr collection.

Why have I not heard of Michael Nobbs until today?  Anyone who has Jung and the Moomins in the same pile of books is way cool, in my estimation!  A very inspiring artist in Wales who is using his art work to live his life more fully, to live with joy (in spite of it all), and in a most sustainable way imaginable.  He's got a blog and eBooks and newsletters.  He has free samples of his work on his blog.  Do check him out, I guarantee you will be delighted!  Oh, and he's a fan of Dan Price's How to Make a Journal of Your Life, and Keri Smith's How to be an Explorer of the World, and Julia Cameron's 3 books, The Artist's Way, The Sound of Paper, and Walking in this World.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working on a Deb Gilchrist Memory Book...

Morning pages collage for Deb by Lani

Over at 14 Secrets we are missing our dear friend Deborah Gilchrist, and we are putting together a zine/book of memories, art, and favorite quotes to honor her memory.  The due date of art work is mid May, so if you knew Deb and want to honor her in this way, please send your digital work to lanipuppetmaker at mac dot com and I will include it in our zine/book.