Monday, December 6, 2010

Radical Self-Care Strategy

I've always had self-care strategies as part of my Resilience and Art eCourse, but I've decided that periodically we need some self-care strategies right here on our 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist's Life blog.  I'm really sure about this one thing: self-care is essential to having a happy artist's life.  So sharing strategies are a great way to share happiness!

This self-care strategy is pretty radical, probably not for everyone.  It comes from blogger, Scott Dinsmore.  Scott noticed how often we ask each other what we do for a living and how it often leads to some really unhappy and highly competitive feelings.
He's taken to asking “So what do you do for enjoyment?” instead.

So try it as a radical self care strategy.  Instead of asking others about career and work, try asking about what we all care so about–our passions and enjoyment. You should notice the immediate change in energy, posture and overall physiology in yourself and others. Some amazing things immediately happen when the focus is here.  Not only will everyone immediately start thinking very happy thoughts and releasing endorphins like crazy, but you may actually get some more great self-care strategy ideas from the conversation.

Try it, if you dare, and let us know what happens.


julie said...

I love this suggestion for radical self-care....I will implement it right it!
Thanks for sharing...

Lani Gerity said...

You are very welcome Julie!