Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Muse swap anyone?

Here is a fantastic blog post by Deb Gilchrist on Quinn's muse swap!  Wow, read on:


Recently, on the 14 Secrets group, Quinn proposed a very intriguing idea. She suggested that we identify what characteristic(s) our Muses exhibit that might actually hinder our creative process. Then... she suggested that we exchange Muses for a short time, to see what ours might inspire in another person and vice versa. Whoa – crazy. But hey, it might just work. Check out her blog post at the link above to see what other folks' madcap Muses have been up to (or not up to, as the case may be).

Quinn did the swapping and assigned each of us our new Muse. I exchanged with Pete, who thinks he doesn't have a Muse. Quinn is certain she's there, and, well... I will give away no secrets before their time. I did give Pete a wee clue, though, about my sometimes-fickle Muse. Quite often, she will work for a bit of chocolate. Good chocolate. A glass of wine sweetens the deal. Sometimes, a glass of wine goes a long way. Hmm, I'm not sure if I mentioned that.

We've been encouraged to tap into the upcoming full moon energy. Creativity always overflows for me during a full moon, so this will be interesting. We are to create in whatever form our visiting Muses wish to explore. Pete's Muse and I have become acquainted. (No pressure, Pete.) I'm very interested to see how everyone fares with their guest Muses.

Now you might be wondering what the photo above has to do with any of this. Nothing, really.... unless your Muse is fast asleep.... or perhaps to serve as a reminder that rest and nourishment are needed to fuel our Muses... feel free to stretch it however you choose.

Truth is, the munchkin fell asleep in his dinner. I can't share what I'm working on for the Muse exchange with you just yet, so I took advantage of this opportunity to express my grandma vibe. ;)

Someone I know is squeezing every ounce out of his summertime experience. Just like his daddy (who also never-ever-ever wanted to come in out of the rain). And, just like his daddy, he falls asleep in his dinner. (Somewhere, I have a photo of his dad, at the same age, actually asleep on his feet. Really.)

The Muse is alive and well in this little guy. I so enjoy watching him at play, allowing even the smallest things to spark his imagination. Everything is possible in his world.

The moon is half past waxing gibbous. Pete's Muse (I call her Stella) and I will catch ya on the flip side. 

Want to read more?  Check Deb's blog!

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