Sunday, August 1, 2010

Art Fest and other courses for the passionate artist

Teesha Moore has posted the ArtFest schedule for 2010 and it LOOKS GOOD!!!  I can't imagine a more fun way to nourish creative growth than by attending ArtFest.

However that's a long way off and a girl's got to nourish her creative growth all the time, so if you are interested, Zura of Creative Clown (a very inspiring website) has set up a new website where all kinds of on-line classes are listed.  Fantastic.  What a brilliant idea.  Pop over and take a look!  Some time on August first she'll be hosting a grand opening with a give away and lots of other fun things.  You may find me there too!

And finally Mystele has a free class starting the evening of August 1.  You can take a look here.

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