Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of my favorite swaps so far...

Collage by Lani for 14 Secrets Swap about honoring our grandmothers

I loved working on my page for "Honoring our Grandmothers."  It was one of those magical things where all the elements fell into place so easily.  And then I hadn't figured out what I wanted to write about it until I uploaded it on our yahoo group.  The I realized I wanted to write about what I learned from all my Grandmothers (and there have been many): be kind, be generous, be loving, be patient, and finally be yourself!  That was it.  Very simple and very satisfying! 

That's all I wrote, but I'm sure if I gave this a bit longer to think about I'd have a much longer list of what I learned from my Grandmothers.  Actually, I can see one that I forgot, right now.  Edith Kramer, one of the grandmothers of art therapy, always taught us to make art, all the time.  How could I forget that one? 

What have you learned from your grandmothers?

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CaliBrooklynDesigns said...

This is an awesome topic to blog about! What I've learned from my grandmothers, including a Great grandmother I had the privelege of knowing, is, keep family first. No matter what happens, your family is there for you and you must be there for them. Also...good food can keep a family around as well ;o)