Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Try this fun technique for happy artists, which was adapted from Traci Bautista's super easy fusion dyed transparent collage. (Her "Collage Unleashed" book is a must have.) Project has a few steps: First get ordinary white paper towels, scrunch up and dye with whatever you have-watered down acrylic paint, watercolors, leftover Easter egg dye, etc. Let dry. Then put down a big sheet of slick paper like parchment paper or contact paper to work on top of, and layer paper towels scraps with glue. Mix up white glue and water to the consistency of cream and lay down a layer of your glue and water mix on the slick surface, then rip up your paper towels, and paste them together in layers with your glue and water. Wait overnight to dry, peal up and you have this cool fabric like paper --with one side kind of shiny! Cut in heart shapes and hang with wire. Yum!
Gioia Chilton


Artist and Dollmaker said...

Fun project and gorgeous picture with the hearts in the window and the snow outside! It's amazing to see pictures of the weather in other places when I was at the beach in shorts yesterday :)

the glitzy gypsy said...

I love, love love these!!