Sunday, November 15, 2009

Puppets and Animated Story-Telling on YouTube

If you are interested in encouraging animating puppets and story-telling in the class room or in your art room, you might want to look at these short videos for ideas.

U film major Keri Hopkins engages 5th grade students by teaching them how to make their own cutout animation.

Keita Funamoto and Masahide Kobayashi's stop-motion and flash animation
from Tokyo, Japan.

This video is Keita Funamoto Puppet and Clay Animation School's Student film.

Lior's second single from his second album 'Corner Of An Endless Road' featuring Sia in duet. Shot by award winning director, Natasha Pincus. This clip is a "Stories from the Ground Puppetry" and "Starkraving Productions" collaboration.

Animation by Tany & Subrin Our first cut out animation for Intro to Animation final project semester 3, SEGi University College Kota Damansara, Malaysia

The Little Chimney Sweep, a 1954 film by Lotte Reiniger

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