Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My friends make me smile...

This is posted on my blog as well.

"My Friends Make Me Smile" Collage by Lani

This collage was created because of two things. One was reading the newest prompt over at Creative Therapy, "Tell us about your best friend or the effect of friends in your life". And the other was getting a blogging award from Lumilyon. It's the "Your Blog Makes Us Smile" award. When I think of my friends and the blogs that make me smile I realize it's the same thing. You get to know your friends through their blogs and the more you read their blogs,the more you know them, the more you smile. My friends and their blogs make me smile! So I will pass on the "Your Blog Makes Us Smile" award to my art buddies (from 14 Secrets) Swallowcliff's Art, The Altered Attic, Unshelved Words, Suska's Musings, Basia-Spirit Space, Paper-n-Soul, Nancye's Art and Beautiful Junk, Threads, Pretty Pink Tiara, Articulation, Two Blue Crows, Lore Lives To Create, (and my BFF's from ArtFest) Ellen and Kim who always make me smile and also Noreen who may be fictional and may think Nascar racing is an art form, but heck she makes me smile too!


k9dancer said...

One of my best artist buddies is named Dannie. She walked into my rubber stamp store one day, and the rest is history. I taught her how to use the stamps, and discovered the woman is a real artist with an exacto knife. She made the most amazing 3-D paper objects imaginable! In the roughly 20 years we have been friends, we are constantly teaching each other new things; some about art, and many about life. I just love her!


basia said...

Thank you for this lovely award Lani. Your background changes are so fun.

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Lani,
Thank you SOOO MUCH for this award! I am honored! Your blog makes me smile, too!