Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catherine's Wreck This Journal

I just finished working in Catherine's journal, and I have to blog it. The journal was simple, like the Samantha's easy-peasy demo, but simpler and there's no concern about what to do with all that yucky lined paper. Contact paper covers both sides of cover images, giving it a lot of strength but keeping it light in weight. She's stitched some patchwork cloth on the spine for added strength. Catherine also stitched pocket on the inside and sewed file folders cut to size in the center.

Here's the front cover.
Here's the back cover:
The open view so you can see the spine:
Inside cover with cloth pocket for our sign-in tags and the flight list.

Here's my spread and sign-in tag:
The prompt I worked on was to use corrugated cardboard to create my spread. I got so into it I had to do my sign in card with corrugated cardboard. I love the weathered texture. Now to add some to my own Keri Smith book.


dogfaeriex5 said...

very cool.....xo

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Melinda said...

beautiful covers...simply beautiful