Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My friends make me smile...

This is posted on my blog as well.

"My Friends Make Me Smile" Collage by Lani

This collage was created because of two things. One was reading the newest prompt over at Creative Therapy, "Tell us about your best friend or the effect of friends in your life". And the other was getting a blogging award from Lumilyon. It's the "Your Blog Makes Us Smile" award. When I think of my friends and the blogs that make me smile I realize it's the same thing. You get to know your friends through their blogs and the more you read their blogs,the more you know them, the more you smile. My friends and their blogs make me smile! So I will pass on the "Your Blog Makes Us Smile" award to my art buddies (from 14 Secrets) Swallowcliff's Art, The Altered Attic, Unshelved Words, Suska's Musings, Basia-Spirit Space, Paper-n-Soul, Nancye's Art and Beautiful Junk, Threads, Pretty Pink Tiara, Articulation, Two Blue Crows, Lore Lives To Create, (and my BFF's from ArtFest) Ellen and Kim who always make me smile and also Noreen who may be fictional and may think Nascar racing is an art form, but heck she makes me smile too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some more WTJ inspiration from Jamie Ridler and also from "Breathe"!!

I've been enjoying Jamie Ridler's inspiring Wreck This Journal material on her website and also on her "next chapter blogspot". From this blogspot I popped over to several of the linked blogs of others on the "wrecking crew" and found Melinda's lovely blog, Take a Slow Breath. Melinda even took her camera into the shower with her "Wreck This Journal" for documentation, so there's a video of this on her blog if you scroll down a bit. We need Bravery in Wreckage awards!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hi, Just wanted to show off these sweet pocket-books Tabitha and I made on vaction. I was inspired by an old issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine you can see in the photo-I think it's the Dec 2006 issue. We sure are having fun here in a little cabin in the mountains! -Gioia

Friday, July 10, 2009

Do you remember the Guardian Angel Swap back in February?

Several friends were going through extreme hard times then so I set up an angel swap, sending our angels to my friends. You can read about the original swap here Fellow art therapist, Carol Lark was struggling with leukemia at that time. On July 7th, oh happy day, she was given the official IN REMISSION all clear! I'm sure your healing Guardian Angels helped as did the Healing Tags that the 14 Secrets artists sent! Thank you so much, all who participated in these two art swaps!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Catherine's Wreck This Journal

I just finished working in Catherine's journal, and I have to blog it. The journal was simple, like the Samantha's easy-peasy demo, but simpler and there's no concern about what to do with all that yucky lined paper. Contact paper covers both sides of cover images, giving it a lot of strength but keeping it light in weight. She's stitched some patchwork cloth on the spine for added strength. Catherine also stitched pocket on the inside and sewed file folders cut to size in the center.

Here's the front cover.
Here's the back cover:
The open view so you can see the spine:
Inside cover with cloth pocket for our sign-in tags and the flight list.

Here's my spread and sign-in tag:
The prompt I worked on was to use corrugated cardboard to create my spread. I got so into it I had to do my sign in card with corrugated cardboard. I love the weathered texture. Now to add some to my own Keri Smith book.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More wreckage for the Wreck This Journal

Here's some more Samantha Kira journaling fun:

And if you want to decorate your "wreck this journal" package with a "wreckage" sticker, just click on this image and print it out on blank sticker paper, or regular paper and glue or tape to your mail art!