Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Wreck This Journal stuff.

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I finished working in Julie's amazing and very wrecked (but no human or pet fluids please) "Wreck This Journal". The theme for this round was nature so I added feathers to a page with one feather on it but there's plenty of space for more elements from nature.

Then I chose the "cut this page and weave things into it" prompt and thinking National Geographic is a pretty much nature focused I used pages from that for my weft or warp... not sure which. I tried to merge the colors with citrisolve but I was doing something wrong with that effort. So I put a little homemade walnut ink on my pages to add a certain wrecked quality.

And since we like inspiration here's what happened with another "Wreck This Journal" round robin. One spread was completely stuck together, so I pried the pages apart and found that the wrecking had gotten a little ... er... wrecked. Well I found that I loved that shredded Asian look a lot (like my childhood memories, shredded and Asian)!

So here's my piece which I'll be sorry to see leave Prospect. I may have to do something like this in my Keri Smith book!
Now if you are looking for inspiration but not quite as distressed as this, then take a look at Kelly's blog Dragonfly Reflections. Scroll down to see what she has done to her Keri Smith book. Just lovely!


Lani Gerity said...

Julie wrote in response:

I can hardly wait to see what havoc has been wrought on my journal!
Catherine's awesome journal is on its way to you. Glad to have the new
theme so I can dig into the next one now, which Catherine has already
spun my way.

Some thoughts about wrecking - This whole project has gotten me
thinking about all the different actions and nuances that can be meant
by the term "wreck". It has interesting for me to discover and explore
my comfort/discomfort with the various places along the wrecking
continuum. What does it mean, in the WTJ context, to "wreck"
something. Is it destruction? Is is constructive? Is it both? Neither?
If something, like a journal, can be wrecked without meanness and
hurting, is it wrecked? I think so. It seems to me that wrecking a
journal means to discover a space within oneself that is focused on
letting go of outcomes ; a light, playful, and mischievous energy
brought forth without being mean or hurtful and then using that space
as maybe a kind of creative incubator or to make stuff happen with art-
ish materials. Stuff evolves without limiting expectations. No right
or wrong. No good or bad. No judging the "quality", just letting it
happen sort of. This seems to playfully honor a place in us that needs
to scribble or tear- just for the fun of it, just because we can. Not
because we are "good" at it. However, I do not see the point of
totally destroying someone's WTJ, although, technically, that would be
wrecking it. To invoke a playful, wrecking process while still
honoring a healthy degree of respect for the journal, its history, and
the others involved with integrity is sort of the place that I have
been looking for in myself from which to contribute, observe and play.

I seem to have a lot to share about this. One more thought. Andy
Goldsworthy's work is both destructive and creative, and nature often
wrecks it, as part of the design. There is a great DVD "Rivers and
Tides" about him and his amazing work.
Have safe travels,

Lani Gerity said...

And Catherine wrote:

Julie, I love your view of wrecking and know that I couldn’t bring myself to do anything to a journal that be destructive, but view “wrecking” as an invitation to let go and not judge. Thank you for setting it out so well. And I love the work of Andy Goldsworthy and his process.


Lani Gerity said...

You said it so much more simply and so well!

Melinda said...

some beautiful pages here and I agree with Julie's feelings on the definition of "wrecking." I never equated it with "trashing" or "destruction" even if that is part of the true meaning of the word WRECK. I believed it to be more creative altering to a journal that pushes us out of our comfort zone and by doing so...we discover yet another new way to express ourselves creatively. ;)