Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fabulous Wrecking Links

Carol sent some Fabulous Wrecking Links for all of us journal wreckers and these are so helpful. Thank you Carol and for the wreckers, read on...

Whether you wondered what the wrecking was all about or you knew but were having trouble making the leap, Jamie Ridler has the answer on her regular blog (which is extraordinary by the way!)and on her extra special Wreck This Journal blog. She has lots of helpful videos all about what wrecking is for, what it can do for us. Very helpful!

She's also got some interesting community activity with these blogs. You can participate easily and see what your fellow participants are doing with links to everyone's blog write in the blog posts. Seems like an amazing idea. You can become part of her WishCasting Wednesday by blogging about a wish (there is a prompt on her blog) and then add your blog to her list. Easy. Then go and visit fellow blogger's and support them in their wishes.

Now to figure it all out for this blog, so we could share our good wishes and intentions right here!

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