Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear WTJRR members

Detail from Lani's Wreck This Journal Please.

Lore has just asked for some clarification here and I think that is a marvelous idea.
First of all there are seven of us and we have space for one more.
Second, about the books, I've posted some information here
with a demo on how to create a blank page composition book. (Mail out is June 15.) I've done two of them now, and they are easy. Another option is gluing pages together and gessoing and a third option is to buy your composition style book with blank pages from BareBooks
Mail out is June 15.
Once you have your book and this is really important, please print out the mailing list (it's our database with our addresses) and attach it inside your journal. It could be your sign in page if you art it up a bit, and give people a place to sign in.
Mail out is June 15.
The final step is to create prompts, one per page or one per spread which is how Keri Smith has done her book. You can use her prompts, or alter them, or create your own. If your mind goes blank just google art prompts or art journal prompts or journal prompts and you will have more that enough to fill many journals!
Finally when your journal is ready to go I'll put all of your theme suggestions in a hat and pull one out per 2 week period so that everyone is working on the same general them (color, etc.) but working on different prompts. You get to pick which prompt goes best with the theme.
Now does that sound like fun or what? Mail out will be June 15.
Here's the "Wreck This Journal" website
and many WTJ flickr groups
PS -We'll be starting June 15 so better get started loading up the journals with prompts.

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