Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Victoria Rabinowe's book...

Image from Victoria Rabinowe's newly published book.

I don't know if you all know Victoria Rabinowe's work (she's a book-artist, regular artist who loves dreams, and started off in life as a puppet-maker), but I just read this book (see below) and it's lovely, strange, disturbing, and wonderful. Er, a little like a dream...
I very much recommend it! She's got a very intriguing and inspiring way of working with dreams!!!

(Some of her work is similar to some of Lore's work)

Twelve Creative Explorations into the Genius of the NightMind

Written & Illustrated by Victoria Rabinowe
Book Design by Sean Wells

In her distinctive book I Had the Craziest Dream Last Night,
Victoria Rabinowe has created a truly unique visual aid
to helping dreamers feel liberated and empowered in exploring their dreaming imagery.
She encourages the viewer to undertake their own creative forays
to capture the mysterious adventures we experience, and the nocturnal landscapes to which we all journey, each night.
She then provides some very useful guidelines to help sort out, classify, and process the contents
of the rich cornucopia of material discovered by the dreamer.

Robert L. Van de Castle Ph. D.
Professor Emeritus University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Author of Our Dreaming Mind , Co- author( with Calvin Hall) of The Content Analysis of Dreams
Go to her website to get "Crazy" before it is in book stores!

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