Friday, December 12, 2008

Phrases for Shrinky Dink charms

Collage by Lani, "YOU are the gift"

This came from Gioia:
The faculty at GW art therapy program is
getting together for a potluck/ jewelry making, and last year I had
whipped some simple necklaces I gave out--some cool "art heals"
charms would be nice....what are other cool sayings I could say..I
should use you all's tag lines under your signatures...they are
always fun...let's see..

draw from within
play more
art heals
art is life
make art, not war
discover yourself, create more art!
create joy
be grateful
be still
appricate life
Graditude Rocks!
we are all artists

anyone got more short and sweet sayings to fit on my shrinky-dink

Jan replied:
Your event sounds so nice to share your art too! A few short words I like:

Be Gentle With Yourself
Expect Miracles
Miracles Happen
Hear the Music
Dance Everyday
Dreams Are
Be Real
Remember Before
Maria had this thought:
Gioia and Jan, I love your "words" and wouldn't it be great to use them for art or art journaling or even activities to get a group going? An artist friend of mine made me an altered book as a thank you gift that is hollowed-out in the center. She filled it with many different sayings and told me to use it with clients/students to start conversations, art inspirations, etc. I just love it and "words" reminds me of this.

Gives a person ideas!

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