Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another blog award...

Couture de Papier awarded us this sweet little butterfly. Thank you CdP!!!

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I'd like to share this award with the 14 Secrets bloggers:

Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Acts of Postal Kindness Challenge

Collage by Lani

Over at 14 Secrets we have been talking about how to cheer up our postal workers. Here's what the conversation looked like:

Lani: (re: healing tags)oh oh oh!!! I wonder when my postal worker will be finished looking at my healing tags!

Gena: Oh Lani, so you have one of those postal workers too... I have a whole line of them here. You'd think they'd never seen postal art before :) Hey maybe we could sometime make something just for them :)

Lani: Excellent idea! I once participated in a "" activity of postal friendliness, in which we gave our postal workers a surprise artful gift, took a picture and then contributed the picture to a book of some kind.
It was fun. I left a mug and a packet of hot chocolate with an artful card in my mail box. I got my mail pretty regularly from that postal worker... Hmmm. There's an idea in this...

Lynn: I love that idea! I often send mail with big bright smiley faces
and "Have a great day" written all over them. My thinking is that
message is as much for all of the postal workers who handle that mail
as for the person receiving it!

Our cranky postal workers are always very friendly to me, which I know
irritates other customers who are grumpy by the time they get to the
counter. I've always got a big smile along with my brightly colored
mail... I send lots of letters to our troops and often they are
decorated brightly to help brighten their day when they receive that
surprise piece of mail!

I just have a hard time sending "naked mail" and do my part to brighten
things up!
I've sent postcards to our letter carriers when we've been on vacation
and at the holidays I often leave them a card with some small gift
certificates for coffee or a burger. Our poor gal is often delivering
our mail at 5:30PM or later so I know she could use a little treat
after such long days!

Gena: Wow, your postal workers must really love you. How thoughtful you are!

I think they might have a tedious job and get everyone's flack. I know they love our packages. And I am sure they love your surprises... what a great show of appreciation! :) Thank you for these great ideas!

So here's the challenge:
Think of several wildly artful ways to surprise your postal worker, new ways to make them smile. Think of how they spend their days: walking, sorting, and dealing with canine and human moods. Let us know what you come up with. Take a photo and we'll post it here.

Share your ideas and mail art joy!