Sunday, September 14, 2008

With One Image Challenge

Edith Kramer as a young girl.

The August/September 2008 issue of Somerset Memories has a great challenge! There was an article about a collaborative project by the Arte ed Anima Group, 20 women that worked on postcards using the same basic image as a starting point, a cute little ancestor-as-child cabinet card image. The same image was used on all the artwork, but each piece was unique and different. They put out a challenge to try it out with your own group. "Collaborate with friends or do a grouping by yourself and show us your designs! Results will be published in the April/May 2009 issue."

I figure we could do it with an image of Edith Kramer as a kid which is a common ancestor for many of us, since she was one of the grandmothers of art therapy. But even if you are not part of the lineage, you may like to play with the image. (See the above image) So here's the deal, sign up in the data base (at 14 Secrets) for "With One Image" and I'll send you via email an antique photo jpg that you can print out and work with in real old fashioned ways, using paint, collage, etc. Read all about it here.

This will need to be a pretty quick turn around time. You will need to get the finished work to me by Oct. 15.

Our Specs:

Portrait (up and down rather than landscape)
4.25" x 6" (like a post card) Heavy paper, poster board, water color paper, cover stock, just so it'll stand up to what ever they put it through.

No margins necessary.

I'm sending out 2 images so if you blow one you have a second, or if you want to keep one then you can. Have fun with this. Pick up a copy of the magazine if you can, to give you an idea.

When I have all our images (land mail, hard copy, not digital - my address is in the database) I'll bind them in a book, create an eZine for us and send the original to Somerset, while we get to keep the eZines.

All artwork must arrive in Nova Scotia by 15 of October so I can create a book and send it out to Somerset. They basically want original art work, so they can photograph it to its advantage.

All artwork must be identified with the artist’s name, address, e-mail and phone number clearly printed on a label attached to the back. Artwork often gets separated from instructions during the Somerset selection process, so they need you to inscribe your name and address somewhere on the art.

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