Thursday, September 4, 2008

Secret # 13 (check the list to the right of post)

Here's an altered book that Lore made for her teacher who was retiring. ( Art as a gift.) Click on the images to see them enlarged. Can you imagine holding such a lovely gift in your hands? Oh my!:

And here's what her teacher said:
Lore, Dear,
I read your book-gift this morning as part of my meditation. Wonderful,
such a sweet combination of truth and artifact; I think it embodies my
profound conviction that somehow the stuff of the world carries the
essential truth of it, and that our interactions with this stuff can
either serve to obscure the truth more deeply or bring it closer to the
surface. Thank you for the caring, energy, and attention with which you
filled these pages.

And here's a gift of a doll Lore made for Carol. Very sweet, Lore! Carol, you are so lucky to have such a great friend!

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