Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Question from Carol Moore

Here's a question from Carol Moore:
Since Monday, I have been the ask the artist on the Artella 
Daily Muse. Something a little different for me, but it has
been a lot of fun.
The question today was about art materials 
It made me wonder how the 14 secrets group would reply to the following 
What is the most interesting art material you have created with?
Carol from the mountain of Virginia

And here are the answers:

From Carol H.:
That is a question that I had to reflect on seriously.  I have played with so many materials over my many years as an artist.  "Most interesting" seems to narrow it down to something that I found new, enticing, challenging.  Artists do have a tendency to have what might be called "periods" of art.  I at one time had a "period" when I was into what I called then wood batiks, right now you would probably call it encaustic painting.  It was very experimental for me as back then we had no net to find information on techniques.  Another time, after finding an old rusty horse watering tank on this piece of property, I was into cutting and bending rusty metal.  I made some gorgeous frames for mirrors out of that old thing.  LOL  However, that lost its charm once the horse tank was reduced to refuse.  No other piece of metal has been so enticing.  Right now, I am attempting to make a sculpture from cement, as I read an article from one of the popular magazines about a lady's art using this form.  It is definitely the most challenging thing I have tried, so far, I think.  Thanks for sharing this question, it was rather fun to go back over my art and think about things.

From Nell
In days of yore we used to iron autumn leaves or crayon shavings between slips of kitchen waxed paper. I will try the Handiwrap for a more crystal look 
with my 2nd grade Girl Scouts. 

For those who live in the land of the winter deep freeze, try cutting 
snowflakes of colored tissue, placing in a pie tin filled with water 
and freezing outdoors overnight. Don't forget to leave a string 
looping out at the top as a hanger. They make beautiful outdoor 
suncatchers. If you have a winter traditon of decorating a tree for 
the birds with seeded pinecones, citrus fruits, suet balls, and other 
simple treats-- these make a sparkling addition. Sculpture for the 

From susanna:
One of the most interesting things I worked with was "Handiwrap" you can heat it with a warm iron and encase things in it. We used natural materials found outside before the workshop. We made a frame of vine or twigs and hung them in our windows. They were marvellous!

I guess the next thing would be old broken bits of crayon. We melted them on an old "griddle" or warming tray and than used expired photograph papers to scoop up delightful designs which then were incorporated in other mixed media collages.

Then of course if you're under 4 you might like fingerpainting with pudding and yogurt!

Just play!

From Gena:

One of my favoirte art materials is penscore. These are pieces of plastic type material that you heat and then form, which then makes a stamp. You can use paint to stamp backgrounds. I love the stuff. Have lots of fun with it and when you are tired with the stamp you just heat it up again and use a different form.. presto and voità!

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