Friday, June 27, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for June 27, 2008

Photos by Carol Moore
Mountain Moments

As the sun was setting
daylilies were closing
vivid orange flowers
petals slowly moving
capsizing upon themselves
chilled by night air
they hang
limp and tired
as the sun rises
new lilies opening
catching the sun
enticing butterflies
encouraging bees
vital life force
an orange daylily

Last year as part of an art project, I took photographs of the lilies every thirty minutes from closed to fully open.
To see a flower, you really have to look at the flower.
They are incredibly amazing.
May you take the time to ponder nature today.

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for June 15, 2008 (Happy Father's Day)

Mountain Moments

What is a miracle?
I have been pondering this question for several days.
And today, father's day
a word dances around in my mind
The birth of a child, a bird, a butterfly
Mystery, joy, pain
Waking each morning
Thirty-one years ago, we became parents
The nine pound nine ounce son
Held gently in our arms
Ten fingers, ten toes
A miracle looking right into our faces
Understanding before the death of my father
The importance of saying I love you and
Holding your tongue
Watching our grandchild being born
Celebrating the ninetieth birthday of my father in law
Miracles are life
Each breath we take
Each moment we pause
Each flower that blooms
A butterfly landing in the palm of an outstretched hand
A father loving his children
Each day forever and always

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for June 2, 2008

Mountain Moments
Two tired girls
dirty barefeet
playing at the park
with granddaddy
sitting on church steps
sucking on honeysuckle flowers
Why are they called honeysuckle, I ask
Because they have honey
are sweet
and you suck on them
response from Maggie
Millie holds up a brown haggard blossom
These are the sweetest
they don't look like they would be sweet
as she bites into the honey
crumpled flowers and leaves
gathered for the compost
girls gathered for cool drinks

Receipe for Fun
Two girl friends age five and six
Flat plastic container
Plastic soda can holder with six circles
bubble blowers
Mix all together on a sunny day
Watch the fun begin
Add a towel
Hose with several settings
for bubble spills

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!