Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for May 7, 2008

Mountain Moments

The flight pattern of a goldfinch
is like the cursive handwriting of a second grader
loop de loop and then freeform
emptying the copper bird bath
a goldfinch and I practically collided
startled off he flew
loop de loop to the closest bush
fresh water spilling into the bird bath
he flew quickly back to the thistle feeder
I dug into the rich black earth
planting dill, parsley, and lambs ears
weeding that stubborn grass
growing in deep knots
thinning baby radish
tiny slugs enjoying a delicacy
late afternoon
a male and female goldfinch sitting
on the edge of the birdbath
gingerly taking in water
blue jay careening to the feeder
loop de loop off they fly
bright yellow colors blending with spring green baby birds will soon be spreading their wings
flying in the mountains

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

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