Friday, May 30, 2008

Amulet Bag Swap for the 14 Secrets group

Thanks Carolyn, Nell, Marilyn, Maria, Mary, Lore, Lorina, Kathy, Jan, Joyce, Gena, Darlene, Carol, and of course Deborah!

From Deborah Gilchrist:
Amulet bags, medicine bags, gris gris, charm, herb, mojo bags - by whatever name, they are designed to be a personal totem for the wearer, dispelling negativity and carrying whatever energy is needed. The traditional bag used by many cultures holds a charm or talisman (or a combination of several that can work together). There are subtle differences, from what I've read, for instance, between an amulet bag (intended for spiritual enhancement) and a medicine bag (which carries special accoutrements to encourage physical healing), but all are intended to bring the wearer in alignment with the energies she needs most at a given moment in her life, according to what is contained both within and without (embellishments/design). Traditionally, they are beaded or made of leather, but we are only limited by our own imagination!

Some links (also from Deborah):

I searched the web high and low and found several resources for beaded bag instructions. I did find one pattern also for a simple fabric bag and one for a lovely crocheted bag in several styles.

If you're interested in trying your hand at beading in a tubular peyote stitch:

Fabric pattern:

Crocheted and beaded:

Crocheted 'lunch money' purse which could be adapted:

A little bit of history (and some photos near the bottom of the page):

Some GORGEOUS beaded bags for inspiration:

And here are some intriguing and lovely medicine bags made of paper:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post From Patti Edomon

Here's Patti Edmon's post about a workshop she and Carol Moore attended. Take a look.
Michael deMeng Assemblage Workshop

Here's a photo of Michael deMeng sharing his glowing commentary on Carol Moore's Morpheus box... I forgot to take a picture of mine:) but it should arrive any day along with everything else I crammed into the giant box I couldn't fit in my luggage!
It was so good to sit with Carol and make art for a day - though we were really busy, as you know, and chatted, but my focus was on: how in the world am I going to get 2 days of work done in the next few hours?! Carol, of course, nearly finished!

After two of the most intense, fun days of workshop, fingers still tacky with Dap and matt medium, evidence of Michael deMeng's signature colors spotting my hands (and, oops, a little on my clothes:), I must say his Assemblage workshop is a most amazing learning experience. I noticed as I worked well outside my 'box' (excuse the pun) how far I was stretching artistically, which isn't always possible in the comfort of one's own studio. Of course, that's what workshops are for; this, however, is my first one. Straight to the top. Studio to deMeng - ha. The Secrets of Rusty Things indeed, and verdigris and copper and burnt paper, and when I return home I will approach each new project from a radically altered point of view, in terms of technique, perspective and, well, joy.
A warm, witty and very funny man, Michael is the best kind of teacher - so outwardly comfortable in his own skin that if he does have an ego, he doesn't unpack it along with his favorite paints, tubes of goo, power tools and metal stuff. Rather than using formal, technical terms, he has his own vocabulary and, in the way thingy is so descriptive, we were able to spend all our time immersed in process rather than trying to decipher what exactly it was he was trying to convey.
For any of you who have yet to take his workshop, especially in my new favorite place - Saluda, North Carolina - big enough to sell Dap at the hardware store and small enough so that the diner is part of the same building - avail yourself of any and every opportunity. Pictures to come.

Check Patti's blog for more photos.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Great Tutorials on Joggles!

Image from Joggles tutorial on tyvek.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in this group!
I just got my Sunday Joggles Newsletter and took a look at their Tutorials.
Pretty neat stuff, some of it (especially the Tyvek one and the altered lunch box):

Happy Mother's Day from Carol Moore!

Mountian Moments

Laying on the worn gray sidewalk
Broken in half
Teal blue bird's egg
Holding the fragile shell
I glanced upward
pink dogwoods catching the breeze
baby bird somewhere nearby
feathers drying after breaking the shell

Mothers Day dawned overcast
Sun playing tricks
coming out
going back under blue gray clouds

Our children have broken their shells
College educated
Making their own nests
Spreading their wings

A day to remember with fondness mothers who have passed on
A day to reflect upon the joys of life with a mother who can still provide those hugs, kisses, and motherly truisms
Happy Mother's Day.

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for May 7, 2008

Mountain Moments

The flight pattern of a goldfinch
is like the cursive handwriting of a second grader
loop de loop and then freeform
emptying the copper bird bath
a goldfinch and I practically collided
startled off he flew
loop de loop to the closest bush
fresh water spilling into the bird bath
he flew quickly back to the thistle feeder
I dug into the rich black earth
planting dill, parsley, and lambs ears
weeding that stubborn grass
growing in deep knots
thinning baby radish
tiny slugs enjoying a delicacy
late afternoon
a male and female goldfinch sitting
on the edge of the birdbath
gingerly taking in water
blue jay careening to the feeder
loop de loop off they fly
bright yellow colors blending with spring green baby birds will soon be spreading their wings
flying in the mountains

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!