Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for April 30, 2008

Mountain Moments
Little brown sparrow
focusing on black capped seeds
feeding intently

The five seven five syllables of haiku
just doesn't seem to convey the softness of the feathers as the sunlight hits the small sweet sparrows as they feed on the birdfeeder right outside the kitchen window. I sit on the well worn wooden bench made by Ray eating cereal with prunes watching the sparrows dip their beaks into the seeds. Watching as they raise their heads guarding their perch. Small little birds feeding while the goldfinches feed from the thistle sock feeders.
We decided that one yard can only provide so many goldfinch areas to nest. This morning there were five on the feeders, more than the three that seem to be a permanent fixture.
Blackberry winter came with a heavy frost. Tomatoes protected. Eggshells being collected and drying.

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Coffee cards you'd like to see...

While out in Seattle I got wind of the whole Starbucks' Coffee Card thing. I started thinking how cool it would be to design my own Coffee Cards and of course that's the point isn't it. You actually can personalize a coffee card on the Starbucks' website with their imagery. And then you would be even more keen to use Starbucks' rather than the little locally owned cafes. And of course I was thinking I'd like to try my hand at something really my own. One of my collages which would include a coffee cup in it. So what do you think? Want to design your own coffee card?

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for April 25, 2008

Mountain Moments

A pair of brown and white sparrows
edge dancing on the roof
as the early morning white light
glides across the metal tiles
the late night telephone call came
my friend, the cancer survivor
slipped quietly from this life
in her own bed
her daughter at her side
my husband put on his priestly collar
as I realized I would be at home
Maggie, our five year old grandchild
laying asleep

her family was there,
her husband, daughter,and sister
she was a quiet, kind, gentle, caring person
who went to every tupperware party, baby and wedding shower, girl scout cookie leader, remembered your birthday
with a card and or gift, supported the arts, came to every church event even cleaning the refrigerator twice a year
a smile and hug, a friendly word
she knew the importance of life
angels are rejoicing
tears are falling

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

I'm really enjoying the True Colors RR!!!

Here's the slide show so far! What fun! The theme for my book was passion, because my color was red and I think of passion and all kinds of good associations from my early years in Taiwan.

And here's the quote that you can't read in the slide show.

"...great art is not a matter of a few virtuosi of the first rank. It is the result of the labours of thousands of faithful craftsmen who know that they are doomed to remain for ever outside the gates of the Paradise of Perfection, but who nevertheless will give the very best there is in them because the work they do means more to them than anything else in this world. They are the real tillers of the soil." -Hendrick Willem Van Loon

Red is splendid! And what is your passion?