Saturday, March 1, 2008

A response to the 14th Secret slide show

Here's Carol H's response to the 14th Secret slide show, a month full of art/happiness ideas (and she's hinting about doing one for March):

Lani: I would love to get involved in a one of these projects. I was not
a member when this one started I think. But I did do a list of things to do each day for increasing art activities in Feb on my blog. Here it is:

Happy Artists Life?

On 14 Secrets, one of the sites I visit regularly to refuel my artist side, someone mentioned making a list of things that would make life happier. For some reason, a calendar was what my artist side wanted to do. So, for the month of February, here is a daily list of some activities to try.

1. Realize there is no failure in art. Many times, we have happy little accidents, but even if we feel the piece of art is unworthy, we learn something from it. So no failure.
2. Work with what you have to make art. Expensive art supplies are not necessary to be creative.
3. Good enough really is good enough.
4. Set aside and protect time to organize thoughts, feelings, media, your art space/
5. Post your artwork on the net. Let others view an extension of yourself.
6. Ask for what you need. Others cannot be bothered with guessing games.
7. Document your art. It can be revealing and helpful.
8. Focus on making the time you need to make art.
9. Invite other creative beings into your life at whatever level you feel comfortable with.
10. Say no when it makes it easier for you to make art.
11. Look for a spot in your environment to hide in that makes it easier for you to make art.
12. Keep an idea/love this journal of some kind so you can get creative sparks at will by reading in your idea/ love this journal.
13. Go over a mental checklist of what is needed in preparing for a project so you do not have to interrupt the creative flow in the middle of the “art zone.”
14. Develop your own style. Others techniques and ideas are great…but you got to do what you got to do.
15. Take five minutes when you can to get started on a future project. Gather supplies, look up scratch, do research, so that when you do book the time… you can spend doing art.
16. Do something with a creative friend who appreciates you and your art.
17. Learn something new about art. This can enrich your own art.
18. Throw away the have to rules and play with art in a spontaneous manner.
19. Know what your mistakes are and try to understand what you will do differently next time you are making art.
20. Observe others art and techniques.
21. Let other members of your family do some tasks, if they can, so you can make art.
22. Share your art with everyone.
23. Having a plan and theme is not always necessarily to make art. Intuitive art sometimes turns out to be the best.
24. Visit an art museum.
25. Use stress reduction techniques as often as needed.
26. Be careful about copyrights and plagiarism-protected images.
27. Back up and start over, whenever you need to.
28. Focus on positive; what went right, in your art.
29. Enjoy an extra day to make art this month.
My musings for this day!

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