Friday, March 7, 2008

Golden wisdom thread...

A question and a request:
What do you do when you find it hard to be happy?
Can someone say something nice, happy, wise, &/or good?
The answer:
Yes we can!

From Gioia:
At Yiye Temple

I play with stones and sit beside the stream,
I search for flowers and walk around the temple.
Sometimes I listen to the songs of birds;
The sounds of spring are everywhere.

Bia Juyi

From Lani:
You are awesome!
Look at all you do, have done and are about to do!
And check out the SuziBlueTube video!
"Let other's have Joy"

From Christine:
Here's something nice: I LOVE the ginger cake that you sent me in the
tea box! Yummy! Thanks a lot!

From Maria:
You are an inspiration to us all, and especially me! You started me out on altered books... I love your sense of humor and whimsy; you are a great inspiration to be around. Thanks for being you girl...

From Barbara:
You are such a warm and kind person. One of the very first to
greet me on 14 Secrets and to encourage me forward. I took the
liberty of choosing a card from the Abraham deck for you: "Your true
work--in this perfectly balanced Universe--is to weigh, continually,
your new stimulation of thought against the existing beliefs within
you, thereby deciding what you NOW want." "I make MANY decisions.
(And then I make them right.)" The angel deck card is "flexibility".
Hope this helps.

From Ana
... choose to be happy...

From Cyn
You are the best, a ray of sunshine in a dreary day! Be of good cheer...

From Lore:
All I can say is may happiness and joy touch each and every one of us today and each day to come!

From Jodie
You are a wonderful person, and a great artist!~!

From Brenda
Don't let the little people get you down!! You know you are an awesome artist and have an incredible heart! ...--art it out sister--it will feel good!

From Mary:
Just remember what you really came here for. That is the most
important lesson for us all. I think we get lost in the little things
and those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that are always
connected to the ego.
Take a step back my dear and do something kind for yourself, remember
to breathe, and look at that tiny bright light of love and
inspiriation that gives you strength and courage to create your life
and enhance the lives of others every single day.
You are magnificent:
and it is your life-force that people want and are scared of at the
same time.

From Nell
I recently received an absolutely flaming hot e-mail from a swap partner (not 14 Secrets, of course) who was angry about the art item she received from me. While the e-mail was quite inappropriate considering the "friendship" theme of the project and the etiquette estalished for the group, I still sent her an apology
saying I was sorry my project did not meet her expectations. One of my
I-turned-50 life lessons is that apologies don't cost anything and I
should be more generous in extending them. I have not heard back from
her, which includes no angry follow-up e-mails. My apology to her
resolved my uncomfortable feelings about her e-mail, and may have done
something to defuse her anger, as well.

From Maria
Great Advice! I love the humbling side of your response and find that taking the "one-down" position is empowering without threatening the other person. Bravo!

From Carol
I have been reading the posts about providing support when a person... needed support. Now, that is happiness.

Our little town has experienced a dreadful storm coming through the
mountains and ripping trees that are over a hundred years old up from
the roots and destroying homes. Through the aftermath, there has been
an outpouring of neighbors helping neighbors. Neighboring communities
sending rescue squads and red cross groups. I heard pictures were
even on the weather channel.
Happiness is to know that whether it is a group like 14 secrets or a
small town, folks are there to help.

We are after all a small community gathered together to create art.

For all you quiet folks dealing with whatever life throws your way,
create, sign up for Brenda's healing crown swap.
Think about hosting your own swap.. well, read the guidelines first...

From Lani
This is beautiful Carol and so on target. Prospect has had two hurricanes since I've lived here and the helping hands the day after are really the best. You feel good either helping or being helped in fact it seems to be one and the same really. Funny... but true.

From Gena
True. It goes to show you that "giving is receiving" and all quite magical, all things considered.

From Patti
I hope you are recovering - the photo I saw of you... left an impression of a person who is truly full of joy. So, please have a wonderful, new, creative day and know someone else has been there:)

From Lore
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