Saturday, March 22, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments from March 22, 2008

Mountain Moments

Take thirteen children
four adults
dozens of hardboiled eggs
Saturday before Easter
combine with dyes and creativity
There were polka dotted,
sponge tie dye, beet, onion, cabbage, grape juice, tumeric dyed
oil based glittered eyes, food coloring
little circular colors put into plastic cups with one tablesoon vinegar and one half cup warm water
puff paints, fern and tansy leaf prints
white crayons, rubber bands,
water based markers which bleed in dye
dipping the egg in several colors
tomorrow there will be three dozen deviled eggs
made from eggs not dyed
at the annual Easter coffee hour
more like an adult Easter Basket food feast
The children over ten hide plastic eggs
Children under ten find eggs
My fingers wear dye rather well this time of year

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

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