Sunday, March 30, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 30, 2008

Mountain Moments

Walking through
wet green grass
old fashioned purple violets
white and purple violets
are popping up all over the yard
violet seeds scatter with a soft wind
dandelions pepper the yard
furry yellow heads glowing
in the new spring green grass
dogwoods are holding onto blossoms
tulip poplars are beginning to
let loose of their flowers

I am stiff from following
the busy footsteps of a five year old
gone home
as my feet glide across the foot pedals
this second Sunday of Easter
I will leave the church to rest
in a quiet house
with the sounds of goldfinches
smells of daffodils in old green vases

Carol Ingram Moore
Take time to play, create, and have fun!

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