Friday, March 21, 2008

Carol Moore's Mountain Moments for March 21, 2008

Mountain Moments

Golden bodies gleaming
in the afternoon sunlight
dipping into the copper bird bath
bobbing up and down
into the circular bath
flying to a nearby redbud branch
beginning to leaf out
wild ginger spreading
jays and sparrows leaving
enough bird seed on the ground
to feed a flock of morning doves
I counted nine of them in the oak tree
reminded me of a rubber stamp
I bought at Random Arts
the outline of a tree
speckled with birds
With each day
the goldfinches are growing
must be due to the heavy feeding
from the three thistle seed feeders
Spring a glorious awakening of all things
grackles on the roof
starlings coming to call
slugs and snails hiding under decaying leaves
columbine unfolding
sticky sweet smells of blue, white, and pink
hyacinths fill the air
Come to the mountains, dear friends.

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